Film Cue – “From good to bad..or worse…”

A man, disheveled, tip-toes downstairs to the fridge expecting to find his daughter’s leftover birthday cake. Instead, he discovers the head of Flight Attendant Barbie sitting on a plate, surrounded by cake crumbs. A crudely hand-written note taped to the front of the plate reads: ‘you lose’

Either way-something that was supposed to be awesome has gone horribly not-awesome.

Soundtrack – Rock, Paper, Scissors.

I’ve got something of a crush on found object percussion. Is that a thing? Well, I’m not sure what it’s called exactly.  I record things like scraping rocks, ripping paper, zippers, ice cubes in glasses etc.. Then I tweak them to make them sound either exactly like the thing they are, or nothing. I added the glockenspiel because who doesn’t like a little glock with their rocks?

A little slice of pie?

The way I picture it, this is either a dream sequence in a Fassbinder movie or maybe a hallucination segment in a Darren Aranofsky film. The bummer is that neither of these guys has called me. However, that didn’t stop me from making it anyway. In reality, this was a proof of concept for myself. I wanted to turn some found samples I had made into loops and sprinkle on some glitchy ambience to make something tasty. It’s like a disturbing little slice of pie in that way.