Studio Session – Blondie

I was invited to record strings for a Blondie track awhile back (violin / viola). The song, Restless, was originally intended for the album Panic of Girls but ended up as an outtake. Blondie finally released it and now everyone gets to hear it. It was a fun, relaxed session, Debbie’s voice is great, and it’s a nice track written by guitarist Paul Carbonara.

Mostly I remember that Paul’s dog was curled up at my feet during the whole recording.


Sound Design – Neenah Paper / Cabinet

Wait, you’re a graphic designer who works with paper and you don’t use Neenah Paper’s Cabinet software/app? That’s just insane! Seriously, get yourself checked out. While you’re at it, check out this promo video done in collaboration with gmake. Featuring lots of custom recorded wackiness, Stars NYC brings this short, humorous piece to: Zap!, Cronk!, Sproing!…life.

Soundtrack – “Creeping Like Snail…”

So I was walking my youngest son to school on rainy day in May and decided to take some  video of him on my iPhone. Yeah, not a big hit with him. But by the end of it he seemed to be less annoyed with me than the beginning. I shot this without any intention of it being used for anything but I was struck by how well it worked with a piece of music I was working on at the time.

Music & Sound Design by Stars NYC

Soundtrack – Book trailer: “Effie Perine”

Books have trailers. It’s true, I’m not making this up.

This particular book, Effie Perine, by Buzzy Jackson  is a page-turning hard boiled mystery, dipped in film noir. It’s dark and gritty and a little bizarre and if you’ve got a spare dollar in your couch cushions you can download this on your Kindle or iPad or phone or [placeholder reserved for as yet un-invented device]. You won’t regret it.

Music by StarsNYC, Video by the incredible Gmake